“Hi, My name is Mark Swadling, i’m 20 years old, and passionate about my work! For a portion of my life I was determined on being and Engineer. It wasn’t until a 1/4 life crisis that I realised that my life revolved around Photography and Videography. An undiscovered passion to capture moments that would only last so long. Moments that we often overlook, deem unimportant.
That’s where I come in!
Kram Media is locally owned and managed, and i’m dedicated to capturing your special or important moments! We offer Photography and Videography covering everything from Weddings, Birthdays, Events, Portraits (Family and Individual), Corporate Promotions and Portraits, Online Promotional Assets, and much more!
With nearly 4 years of experience, I pride myself in my work and my attention to detail is high. I would love to capture your special moments, moments that I value as much as you do!”
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